One large, long size Aubergine.

80g Minced pork.

1 egg yolk.

20 gr Minced fresh prawn.

20g Softened Glass noodles chopped into 2cm pieces.

Finely Slice:

Fresh snow mushrooms.

2 Wood ear mushrooms.

1/5 small carrot.

1/4 Small onion.

15g Spring onion.

1Garlic cloves.

2 Shallot cloves

Salt, pepper, fish sauce, sugar, vegetable stock: to taste.


Firstly top and tail the aubergine, chop in half and hollow out the middle. Put in cold water to keep fresh.

Prepare the stuffing for the aubergine by finely chopping the glass noodles, snow mushrooms, ear mushrooms, carrot, onion, spring onion, garlic and shallot. Then add the salt, pepper, fish sauce, sugar and vegetable stock to taste.

Throughly mix and squeeze these ingredients together with the minced pork, prawn and egg yolk.

Take the hollowed aubergine out of the water and firmly stuff with the mixed ingredients from both ends. Leave to stand for a few minutes to allow the water to drain out.

BBQ, oven bake or steam for 12 minutes.