A versatile base from which to master your own classic Vietnamese dip, dressing or marinade.


Fish sauce: 100 gr

Rice vinegar: 100 gr

Brown sugar: 100 gr

Filtered water: 150 gr

Traditional additions:

Chopped garlic, chili, basil and crispy shallots(optional).

A Vietnamese table is never complete without the addition of a closely guarded 'secret' family recipe dipping sauce.

Countrywide the basic sauce is the same, a simple mix of fish sauce, rice vinegar, sugar and water. It's then that the 'secret' ingredients are added to taste.


Using equal measures of fish sauce and rice vinegar, put all the ingredients in a bowl. Add a third measure of sugar and gently stir until it has completely dissolved and finalise with water.

Then put whatever flavours you like in. For example: chopped garlic, chili, Thai basil, crispy shallots… to make your desired dipping sauce.

Leave for at least half an hour for the flavours to infuse before serving.