All locally sourced, complemented with salad & steamed rice.

- Grilled sea bass in banana leaf “special”: Boneless sea bass, marinated in turmeric oil, with shallots, mushrooms, spring onions and herbs and spices. Wrapped and grilled in a banana leaf.

- BBQ Whole pork tenderloin with Asian five spices “special”: Lightly seasoned BBQ grilled whole pork tenderloin with our very own Asian five spice shallot sauce.

- Grilled whole duck breast “special”: Full of flavour, grilled free range duck breast, thinly sliced and served on a bed of vermicelli with delicate herbs and spices.

- Red snapper “special” : Sautee boneless red snapper with our very own lightly spiced mushroom spring onion sauce.

- White tuna steak special. Delicate, fresh local white tuna sliced into mouthful sized pieces, coated in herbs and spices and pan-seared to medium rare and served with salad, wasabi & soy sauce.