Imported deluxe spririts used only

Anything with gin, rum or vodka in it is worth a try because it’s really yummy.

Our mixologists use electic local products to put a culinary spin on our very own unique cocktails. The freshness, the “Yin – Yang” equilibrium and flavors are combined to create a multi - layered taste of complete harmony.

Passiona shot

Home infused passion fruit , pineapple vodka. Chilled and served by the shot. Bliss!

Pure nature

Fresh lime and kumquat juice, homemade ginger lemongrass honey syrup and a measure of premium Siberian vodka. The drink is shaken with ice and served in a glass with fresh mint leaves. Evocative of pure nature.

Ancient Hoian

Our mixologists, using inspiration of the region and its people have created the ultimate Hoian cocktail. The sweetness of homemade pineapple syrup, the freshness of passion fruit juice and a measure of Cuban Barcadi gold rum are well shaken and served with ice in a beautiful red wine glass.

Missing Mady

Lime, ginger, crushed mints and a measure of premium Siberian vodka, Barcadi light rum. The drink is mixed with ice, topped up sprite and served in a highball glass. Great twist!